Wet Shaving

Why To Switch To Safety Razor Shaving – Gentleman’s Guide

Tradition way of shaving requires enough time, as a  result you get a perfectly close shave without razor burns and cuts. Shaving with safety razor is a time-consuming process, as a result, people tend to opt for the modern cartridge to save time and resulting every year 2 billions of waste […]

7 Close Shave Steps On How To Shave Properly Without Switching Razor

Shaving is fun if you perform with the right technique. When you fail to achieve a close shave, many people recommend changing the shaving razor. Cartridge user switches to the safety razor, straight razor or vice versa when they fail in getting a close shave. But do you think switching […]

Shave with the grain

Guidelines To Shave With The Grain : Mapping The Facial Hair Growth

Are you aware of  WTG, ATG, XTG  terms related to Shaving World? Shaving community is growing rapidly due to the hygiene and cautious about the one’s looks! If you are shaving fanatic then these are the abbreviations you must learn. To Shave with the grain or shave against the grain are the two […]


13 Before and After Shaving Tips To Prevent Razor Burn Bumps

  Nothing beats when you shave with your favorite shaving razor and get that healthy shave early in the morning. A Clean Shave always gives the impression on opposite gender. Everyone at least once has suffered from razor burn bumps in his shaving journey, that’s due to improper shaving technique. Generally, […]

Ingrown hair

Ingrown Hairs: What Are The Causes & Symptoms Of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown Hair on face can make your skin itchy. It’s obvious, shaving is the best procedure to get rid of the unwanted hairs. Where the subject of hairs arises, the term ingrown hair arises there too! Usually, the ratio of ingrown hair on face is more concerned subject as compared to […]

cold water shave

Chill Cold Water Shave:- Kick Start Your Morning!!

In 18th-century, shaving with hot water was time-guzzling. You have to stockpile tinder and woods, fire, then wait for the water to heat up. Unlike, cold water shave, Even if you run out of your gas, It is a quick and easy process that grant you few extra minutes. In […]