Wet Shaving

Shaving Soap

Create Rich Lather With Shaving Soap and Badger Shaving Brush

Accept the fact, having a great quality of lather indeed impact shaving experience. A good quality lather is good for the razor that motivates the razor to glide smoothly to give us a close shave. Those who don’t know what is the difference between shaving cream and shaving soap let […]

Why To Switch To Safety Razor Shaving – Gentleman’s Guide

Shaving with safety razor is a time-consuming process, as a result, people tend to opt for the modern cartridge to save time and end up resulting 2 billions of waste of cartridge piled up in the USA alone every year !! Tradition way of shaving is a perfect process to have a […]

7 Close Shave Steps On How To Shave Properly Without Switching Razor

Practice makes Perfection!! This proverb applies for shaving too.  People recommend changing the shaving razor if you fail to achieve a close shave. Cartridge user switches to the safety razor, straight razor or vice versa But switching to different razors will make the difference and will give you close shave? the answer […]

Shave with the grain

Guidelines To Shave With The Grain : Mapping The Facial Hair Growth

Are you aware of  WTG, ATG, XTG  terms related to Shaving World? Shaving community is growing rapidly due to the hygiene and cautious about the one’s looks! If you are shaving fanatic then these are the abbreviations you must learn. To Shave with the grain or shave against the grain are the two […]


13 Before and After Shaving Tips To Prevent Razor Burn Bumps

  At least once in shaving journey, Everyone has suffered from razor burn bumps the reason is obvious, the wrong technique of shaving.  But the wrong technique is not only the reason for getting razor burns bumps. The other reason is ingrown hairs which start growing inward resulting in irritation […]

Ingrown hair

Ingrown Hairs: What Are The Causes & Symptoms Of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown Hair on face can make your skin itchy. It’s obvious, shaving is the best procedure to get rid of the unwanted hairs. Where the subject of hairs arises, the term ingrown hair arises there too! Usually, the ratio of ingrown hair on face is more concerned subject as compared to […]

cold water shave

Chill Cold Water Shave:- Kick Start Your Morning!!

Stockpile tinder and woods, fire, then stand for the water to heat up these was the process back in eighteen century to have a proper wet shave. Unlike today,  shaving with cold water can perform even if we run out of gas, It is a fast and time-saving process. In cold […]

shaving with a double edge razor

Tutorial On Wet Shave With A Safety Razors (Double Edge Razor)

Are you looking out for the article on how to shave with a safety razor? if the answer is “yes” then this is the perfect detail article especially made for you. Probably we all might have heard “Old is Gold” this quote has copious justification conceal in it. Way back, […]