Skin Care Before and After Waxing

Before and After Waxing Care – Waxing Tips for Beginners

Waxing is an ongoing trend, either its bikini or Brazilian wax, ladies are opting for the healthy and soft skin. Women with hairless smooth and soft skin is a story of pride for herself. Including waxing in her daily routine can give smooth and healthy skin, but some ambiguous information about skin care after waxing can mess up all the process, especially if you are opting for the first time waxing. It may give you red patches, itchiness, rashes and irritated skin after waxing. In this article we going to instruct you required guidance for Beginner’s guide for Women before and after waxing care:-



Few Things To Do BEFORE Waxing: –

before and after waxing care to have Smooth waxed Legs

  • Open pores motivate bacteria to foster upon them. To abjure from prevailing bacteria skip shower before waxing session,
  • If you are on oral contraceptive pills or pregnant before waxing, check the skin is approachable or not with the Patch test.
  • A person with diabetics should get a recommendation from their doctor before proceeding to wax.
  • Never wax a week before your menstrual cycle. Throughout the menstrual cycle, skin is more sensitive.


Few Things To Do  AFTER Waxing
: –

  • Minimise itching by applying powder, it gives skin a smooth and soft touch.
  • Waxing is a process of deracinating of hair. In that case, soothes the skin applying aloe gel to minimise flaming.
  • Sweat patron bacteria that cause skin irritation and red patches. Avoid gymming straight after the waxing session.
  • Foundation and concealer makeup assist the skin in recovering without being hard to your skin.


Watch the Below Video were we present Beginner’s guide for Women

Things To Do To MAINTAIN The Skin: –

  • Wash skin daily to keep follicle clean and bacteria free. Have a shower after the gym session to have follicle clean from perspiration.
  • Wear cotton clothes before the bed.
  • Wondering what to use after waxing to minimise itchiness and redness? Apply ice and moisturiser for that.
  • Hair follicles are unenclosed after wax which is accessible for bacteria. To protect from bacteria, moisture skin daily specifically bikini area.
  • Stop using the natural loofah. Bacteria thrive on natural loofas are HIGH.
  • Avoid use of deodorants after waxing  eg:- 24 hours
  • Going in sun immediate after waxing can adversely damage the skin.



Make sure you have above complete information about before and after waxing care, which will always save your skin from damage.