What is Brazilian Wax and Everything that need to cure brazilian wax aftercare red bumps

If you are into body waxing, Brazilian wax is one of the most familiar words you might be heard. When someone overhears Brazilian wax, the first thing strike in their mind is the beautiful & energetic bright ambiance of bright sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro with gorgeous bikini girls with their shining smooth and clean skin in bikinis. Many people who are into body waxing regime hear the name “Brazilian Wax” they believe it’s  originated from Brazil. But the veracity of  Brazilian wax is it is originated from Egypt, yea you read that right!! and have NO association with brazil. But if there is no direct relationship of brazil with Brazilian wax then why it is called “Brazilian wax”?

Originally the style “Brazilian wax” method is named because of the skimpy dental-floss-like bikinis worn on Brazilian beaches. So-called First Time Brazilian wax method is the discovery of about 3000 years ago!!. Back in those days, in ancient Greek and middle eastern country, to remove pubic hair from unwanted parts of the body was considered as hygiene and the method of body waxing was not so modern as we are using presently. as per known sources, the ancient process of body waxing consists of sugar based pasta with lemon with its anti-bacterial properties. Over the years process and methods rolled over to take the changes in waxing but the ingredient still majorly remain the same.



21st Modern Societies:-

Brazilian wax is a process to remove pubic hair from pubic area from front as well as from rear area, but the vital role of the body waxing aka Brazilian waxing came into existence in late 80’s and early 90’s.  In western countries,wearing bikini,swimwear and lingerie was so ubiquitous and wrapping speed of this fad was in a such a way that the removal hairs around the bikini area and to remove pubic hair from pubes were drawing attention. In Modern Societies, It was in 1987 when j sisters ( Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judseia Padilha.), opened a waxing salon in Manhattan and introduced the method of removing hairs which they were practicing their whole life. It was New York city that elevated the trendy of the Brazilian wax.
Reading above, it’s obvious for you to possess with many questions related to Brazilian waxing which is one of the OLDEST methods of waxing.


If you  want to remove pubic hair via Brazilian wax, then there are few things which you should take into consideration  BEFORE  Brazilian wax as follows.

Accept the Fact: Revealing your  treasure

brazilian wax aftercare red bumps

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How would a girl feel, when she goes for the first time Brazilian wax and a stranger instruct her
“Okay” take away your pants & underwear from your body, and sit here”  and very next moment when you learn, that stranger is not even a  “gynaecologist”. Of course this is something which a girl don’t want to listen, and that too from a complete stranger whom she never saw or met before. For any women, stranger to stare at her private part and later touch that part is big NO. But accept the fact that if you want to go through under the Brazilian wax then there is no other option left to let the stranger( waxer) touch it and stare it too!!!


Rear Door: Butt waxing hurts Less!!


Who on earth wax butt?? undoubtedly this question sparks your mind. but waxing Brazilian method consists waxing of pubic as well butt part hair.  the agony you get while performing waxing on Backyard door  (butt hair) is comparatively less to the front door(pubic hair). actually many girls confess of having tickling while performing the butt wax even if it’s their first time Brazilian wax! so lay on stomach and enjoy the tickles!!

Start growing grass:  Growing Stubble

Gym Girl

Waxing need grip to hold the hair to deracinate the hairs from the roots, refraining from shaving of pubic hair at least 5-6 days BEFORE is the essential advice for the first time Brazilian wax. It is advisable to grow pubic stubble at least 1/4 inch of hair to get the effective waxing.

Be Dry: No sweating

After you remove pubic hair via waxing, refrain from any physical activity that make you sweat, it can result in itching, redness or irritation.

The Suspense Moment: The Awkward Situation

Sitting naked with anxiety in mind and spreading legs for the first time Brazilian Wax in front of the waxer and don’t know what’s going to happen next, this feeling is nothing less than like you are hiding in a bush right next to a dinosaur sniffing your breath and you clueless what will happen very next moment!  To come out of this awkward situation just sit relax and strike a random conversation to get comfortable with your waxer.

Water the Flowers: Shower first if you are anxious

It odors bad in private part of human due to long day sweat under pants.  Fresh flowers always smell good .Treat you down treasure as flowers. Shower long before you proceed to the first time Brazilian wax, showering will relax you and It will definitely make you feel more comfortable because you knew that you will smell nice and clean down.

Only Cotton

Stepping in for the first time Brazilian wax appointment, wearing cotton panties is certainly a healthy idea,  and specifically if, you’re running task thereafter. the pubic area will swell, sore and red after the Brazilian wax so pairing that with fitted clothes is habitually a bad idea.

Fake your mind: Your Waxer is your gynaecologist

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To make ambiance more comfortable for the first time Brazilian wax is to start to assume your waxer as the same level of a gynecologist, it will make you feel contented in stripping in front him/her.

No one Cares: No one will judge your vagina

Waxing Brazilian style is the professional job and that’s their profession. It is their job to stare and remove pubic hair from the pubic area. it’s that something they do daily They aren’t going to judge your vagina or butt by giving them nicknames!!.

It Really Doesn’t Hurt As Bad As You Think It Does!

Waxing Brazilian method the process of literally gripping the hairs to deracinate from the roots, it’s obvious to hurt, but the pain is bearable even if it is your first time Brazilian Wax session. It doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will. The pain will eventually get less if you visit the waxing spa more often.

Get Approved

Healthy skin is always good for waxing, the very first step is to do check with your dermatologist with concern to your skin before scheduling the first time Brazilian wax appointment. If you have bruises or condition like psoriasis or STD that cause sore.


Basically opting for Brazilian wax are two types:

First Time Brazilan Wax

Two Types of Brazilian Wax

  • Professional Waxing

  • Waxing at home.

There are Many High-End places to wax, But waxing from professional that something most people will recommend, cos those people know a lot better than their clients and the techniques, study and material tools they have, may not present with their clients. Performing waxing under professionals supervision recommended, especially when you are waxing your private part!

Pubic hairs can cause itching if kept uncut for long period, you can count on Brazilian wax for the best way to remove pubic hair at home, Body Waxing from professionals can be expensive and can be throttle to pocket, In case of  home waxing, things has to be arranged by “Yourself” from washing pubic area to removing hair, everything you have to perform by “Yourself” which can obviously save some good money too. But still performing by professionals will defiantly give you the difference.


Here we uncover how to do a Brazilian wax at home with hard Wax :

Usually while implementing waxing process at home it is always advisable to go with HARD WAX, it’s good and gives you best result.so let’s get started:-

First Time Brazilian Wax

Hard Wax For Home Waxing Session


1.The first thing to get ready with essential materials and tools that required for the  Brazilian wax. primarily you need is WAX and Applicator stick. Pick up some  “hard” or “strip-less wax” that attack to the hair and not to the skin. strip-less wax is hassle free but more painful but they are worth at the end once you see the result. with the HARD WAX make sure to heat wax with the consistency of honey. the one negative thing about HARD WAX is it needs to reheat over again every 10-12 minutes in the microwave or a warmer.

2.Once the waxing material is prepared, a fresh shower is always recommended for your first time Brazilian wax and also in future sessions. One fresh shower will soften and slacken your pubic hairs which will make easier to wax. Make sure you keep the pubic area dry and clean.

3.You might be wondering how m I suppose to wax myself? in which position should I sit or do?  so the best position is the butterfly with the soles of your feet touching, on a towel & in front of a mirror.
Tip: Always keep the room bright so you won’t miss any area down there.

4.Begin from the edges, edges are generally are the thinnest and work your way in. Heat the wax with the consistency of honey. Stir with an applicator stick and apply, For that commence waxing from inner thigh by your hip areas.

5.Swirl the wax on the hairy area. Let the wax dry until it achieves the thickness of a nickel.

6. Once its dry its time to pull out the hairs which will give a bearable pain. But wait! which direction have you to pull? don’t just pull any direction as you wish, which may lead t the issue with irritation and red bumps. The hairs are there to protect your genital organ. If you’re starting at the top, the hair grows downward, so you want to swirl the wax in a downward motion, then pull towards your direction. For your back yard area, go to the opposite direction when you’re performing wax . To your downside of the inner thighs, the hair grows toward the centre, but sideways, When the wax feels tacky but not sticky, then switch from pulling up or down.

brazilian wax aftercare red bumps

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7.One of the hardest part of waxing is, waxing of the rear area. To perform best, make sure you have have enough bright light in your room to see more clearly. Just lean back, make sure that your back is flat on the ground, but at an incline, and work one side at a time. You can also upright one leg up and leave the other in a butterfly position. After all ” no gain without pain”!!

8. After finishing the wax session, make sure no area is left, if somehow left, then apply oil to break it down the leftover wax. If you’re susceptible to ingrown hairs, do cool squashes with cotton pads or a washcloth, then pat on a bit of witch hazel. Don’t wear jeans, tight fitted clothes, they may produce itchiness and later result in red bumps.


After the First time Brazilian Wax session many girls complaint about having red bumps.

if ignored, red bumps can be worse after Brazilian hot wax. Here we present you few very effective tips to prevent red bumps.

→Never wax over raised moles, unblocked pores, mucous membranes.
→Never wax during your menstrual cycle period. The skin is more susceptible throughout that period.
→Do not plunge straight into the pool or hot water straightway after waxing. Waiting for at least 24 hrs is safer.
→Exfoliate the skin on regular basis after waxing Eg: After 48 hrs
→Wear baggy clothes, preferably cotton cloths are recommended after a Brazilian wax, .


Below Are Tips to Brazilian wax aftercare red bumps

→Washing waxed skin will help to wipe and clean out the remained wax on the skin.
→To avoid skin irritation, plunge cotton ball in witch hazel. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that prevent from irritation.
→Applying a moisturizer lotion helps to keep skin hydrated
→Due to its own anti-inflammatory feature, you can also apply turmeric to prevent the red bumps.


Every Coin have two sides, same goes with the Brazilian waxing benefits  it has its own benefits and Disadvantage:-

Brazilian Wax Advantage and Disadvantage

⇒Brazilian hot wax are cheaper if performed at home.
⇒This waxing procedure assured you to give soft, clean and sexy skin for the long-term. : Eg: 4-6 Weeks
⇒It is the quickest way to get rid of the pubic hair.
⇒Perfect techniques with right method of Brazilian wax can keep your skin away from itchiness, redness and ingrown hairs.


⇒It is a painful process (usually, pain is bearable )
⇒It can be effective only if pubic hairs are long enough (at least 1/4 inch).
⇒In most cases, women should TRIM pubic hairs BEFORE scheduling the Brazilian wax. Eg; 5-7 days before
⇒It is costly if performed from fashionable salons
⇒It required doctor approval – If women are on medication of suffering from diabetes, Pregnancy.
⇒Avoid waxing During menstrual period, skin is more sensitive in this period of time and side effects can appear easily.


What is Brazilian Wax and Everything that need to cure brazilian wax aftercare red bumps
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What is Brazilian Wax and Everything that need to cure brazilian wax aftercare red bumps
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