No spot on face.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Full Face Waxing – Is It Really Healthy?

Women are more fascinated with full face waxing, the reason is, It not only removes unwanted facial hairs but also eliminates the spot on the face to give you spotless face skin. Face waxing keeps face pimples at bay. Majorly women are falling for this trend just to look attractive. Some do it as their personal preference.

Cons of Full Face Waxing.

  • Full Face Waxing can give you intense pain followed by redness on face.
  • Skin infection is the common side effects of face wax.
  • Face waxing can result from making skin layer thin to getting blood patches.
  • Conduct face waxing process under professionals to avoid skin burns.
  • Within a specific time period, the hairs tend to grow back, though bank on the hair growth, the face waxing process need to be repetitive.
  • It restricts from going outdoor for at least 24 hours after face wax.
  • The probability of visibility of discoloration on the face is high compared to other body parts.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Full Face Waxing

  • Before face wax, experiment it on a small area of the body to check for any negative reaction. eg: on a specific spot on face.
  • If you are on retinol’s or Accutane treatment, then refrain from waxing. It makes your skin layer thin.
    Taking pain relief medication prior to face wax can assist in lessening the pain.
  • Waxed areas are susceptible to hyperpigmentation that can result in permanent darkening of the skin if exposed to the sun. Refrain from going in sun immediately after face wax.
  • If you are a gym person, do not go to the gym for at least 10 hours post waxing.

Pros Of Full Face Waxing

  • For a person with many unwanted hairs on the face, Waxing facial hair is a great option to get rid off from it. Shaving the facial hair, especially for men, cuts off the surface of the skin, making a blunt-edge effect.
  • It eliminates the entire hair shaft, which means, the hair grows back naturally to give you stubble free face that caused by shaving. As mentioned, waxing eliminates the entire hair shaft giving you the assurance of having a long-lasting smooth skin.
  • Most waxing results can last up to two weeks or more, rely on the rate of hair growth.
  • If performed on regular basis, it reduces spot on face.
  • Waxing facial hair gives much more accuracy as compared to shaving.
  • Full face waxing is perfect, especially for women that would love to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows.
  • Waxing detriment the hair follicle. This makes the hair growth slow which result in the slow growth rate of hairs.
  • Compared to other procedure of hair removal, waxing is less expensive and you can easily do it yourself to get rid off from the stubborn spot on face.