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Dark Armpits Causes and How to Prevent it from Darkening – Women’s Guide

Many women prefer to have clean and smooth armpits. If want to permanently remove armpit hair then there is no option than opting for laser treatment for underarms, Dark Armpits cause in women is one of the nightmares among women, as a consequence often women tends to shy and avoid socializing in public with sleeveless dresses, tops or straps. remove underarm hair without darkening to avoid red bumps and skin discoloration.The causes of armpit darkening vary, conditional on person’s health, skin care cosmetic products.


Top Dark Armpits Causes

  • Cutting hair just exactly beneath the facet of skin which habitually occurs using a razor to shave which outcome with tiny armpit stubble which gives the hallucination of a darker armpit. Most branded cream assured you to give clean armpit shave which fails to please their promises. Those creams remove hair just below the surface. Instead, try waxing to endeavour the clean spotless armpit.
  • Stockpiles of dead cells are one of the cause for dark armpits. Exfoliation of armpits on regular basis keeps dead cells off. Apart from Exfoliation,  use loofah or scrubs with lactic acid.

    Dark Armpits causes

    What are Reasons for Dark Armpits??

  • The existence of chemical compound in deodorants can be the reason behind for armpit darkening causes, which lead to pigmentation which results in permanent dark armpits.
  • Wandering in sun and prolonged exposure of skin to the sun can cause armpits discoloration.
  • Wearing close-fitting clothes is one more reason among the armpit darkening causes. Friction amid in material and armpit can result in a darker armpit.
  • Obesity, birth control pill, change in hormonal factors results in pigmentation are the few cause behind dark underarms.
  • The increase in insulin can result in dark armpits.


Best Ways To Remove Armpit Hair Without Darkening


Longer the time takes to grow hair back, the more its better and this can be feasible only if the hairs are detached from the roots. Waxing makes the underarms skin smoother. Inclusion, waxing exfoliates and removes dead cells from the skin that furnish for dark armpits.
Waxing is an economical and swift process which is very effective during short outdoor recess were you tends to bare your underarms.

Stay Away from harsh Chemical 

In females, underarms are the very exquisite part which should be managed to look more smooth and attractive. In the market, there are too many chemicals available which are responsible for these darken area. It is always a better idea to circumvent chemical cream to refrain from armpit darkness. Instead, natural ingredients are best to remove underarm hair without darkening because they are the best way to remove armpit hair with fewer side effects. Use of natural ingredient ways to get rid of your delicate underarms. Natural ingredients which are fewer toxins and affordable. Here we list down some ways for you:-

  • Apply sugar and lemon mixture to remove the underarm hairs. Mix Sugar and lemon until the consistency of a wax. Sugar play as clutching role and lemon play as a bleaching agent that helps to brighten the skin.
  • Dry skin underarms always tend to look darker, dry armpits habitually appears darker than one which is with ample of moisturiser. Apply Aloe Vera for maximising the benefits without having cosmetic consequences.


Stockpiles of a dead cell can work as an incentive for Darkened armpit skin. It is always a good idea to exfoliate the underarm area before scheduling the armpit shaving session.

Warm Water Dab

Dabbing warm water followed by the compression of air after shaving armpits is considered as one of the best ways to remove armpit hair to refrain from the red bumps and rashes. Sometimes, it gives itching too, which later show up as armpits discoloration.

Quality Deodorants

Use quality deodorants to avoid the irritation in underarms. Routinely use of deodorants can escort to skin discoloration too.


Things To Follow To Have Smooth and Fair Armpits

Sun Set Shaving

To refrain from rashes, opt for shaving at night is always preferable to refrain from future bumps and marks. Shaving night before boarding outdoor is always a good idea. Applying lotion after shaving armpits at night gives enough time for the lotion to get settle and cover the skin.

Swivel Head and Multiple Blades

Blades with swivel head and multiple blades are effective in achieving smooth shave due to its effective gripping capability.

Shaving Gel

Shaving gel is bloated with moisturiser which gets moisture in hair and skin that makes easy to shear between the air with low force.