Shaving with a Straight Razor

Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor – Gentlemen’s Choice

Benefits of shaving with a straight razor are minimal with great impact. With its incredible history, Straight Razor is one of the prominent Razor out in the market to get the real close shave in all seasons. Shaving with a Straight Razor requires a lot of patience and concentration followed by practice to get into perfection. it’s an art of shaving. Once you become expertise in this art, You will crave for shave every morning to conquer the world!

benefits of shaving with a straight razor

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If you are planning to switch on to another razor then, Shaving with a Straight Razor is definitely the best decision you’ve made. If you still baffling on why to choose Straight Razor, then let’s have a look on some of the benefits of shaving with a straight razor.


Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor!

No Irritations, Rashes, Burns

Sharpening Safet Razor occasionally to preserve its sharpness. Due to this, the possibility of getting nicks and cuts are less with Straight Razor.

Length Matters

Shaving with a straight razor gives a wide area to cover under the straight razor. It shears the hair as much as possible in one pass itself which makes it easy to wash in one go.

You add New Skill

Accept it, shaving with a straight razor is no less easy.  Shaving with a straight razor needs a lot of concentration to move the blade with right pressure in right direction. You need to dedicate your time to achieve smooth and close shave. Not many people are skilled to shave with a straight razor.

Pilot with Full Control

Another shaving with a straight razor benefits is Having full control over the movement, It is essential to achieve close and smooth shave. Due to its Tail size blade, you get controlled on every movement, and you get smooth and bump free shave. There are some vertical angles that you have to practice with the straight razor. Though, It requires practice to measure the perfect pressure to avoid nicks and cut. But once you accustom it, There is no stone left unturned to achieve smooth and healthy shave.

Back From The Past to Present

If you are the one who loves the historic pattern of shaving, then straight razor is one of the best tools to recall the traditional way of shaving. If maintained properly, the life Span of the Straight razor is almost long life. Even you can pass on this razor from one generation to another due to its minimalist requirement of changing the blades.

Environmental Friendly

Global warming is mounting at the alarming rate, it will worst if human won’t get educated himself in managing it. Shaving with a Straight Razor gives an option to save the environment because it does not require any changing of blades, just strop, Straight razor won’t choose the trash box as his home until you keep hm in trash.

Save your Money in Long-term

The primary benefits of shaving with a straight razor is, it saves your money for long term. Upfront investment for Straight Razor is initially high. But the investment is worth for the long term.


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