Why To Switch To Safety Razor Shaving – Gentleman’s Guide

Tradition way of shaving requires enough time, as a  result you get a perfectly close shave without razor burns and cuts. Shaving with safety razor is a time-consuming process, as a result, people tend to opt for the modern cartridge to save time and resulting every year 2 billions of waste of cartridge piled up in the USA alone!!

A shave fanatic prefer to shave with a safety razor and the reason is obvious, it gives razor burn free shave without giving a cut or nick. , unsatisfied by your current cartridge? switch to the safety razor. In the beginning,  it’s hard to get skilled with a safety razor but eventually, it’s worth.

Here Are Few Reasons To Switch To The Safety Razor Shaving

  • Shaving with safety razor reduces irritation and ingrown hairs. One pass of safety razor is enough to remove excess hairs. Modern cartridge razor removes the skin beneath the hairs that lead to irritation.
  • Economically, safety razor saves your pocket. the annual cost a cartridge razor can touch up to $250 a year! Due to varieties of the safety razor in the market, you can have safety razors just under 35-40$. The blades are cheaper with quality metal.
  • Shaping the moustache or beard is very easy with a safety razor. While shaping the moustache or beard you can see where the blade is cutting the hairs in order to get symmetrical levels.
  • Shaving with safety razor needs concentration. Shaving with safety razor allows few minutes to yourself to enjoy the process.