ingrown hair
Ingrown Hairs on face can make your skin itchy. It’s obvious, shaving is the best procedure to get rid of the unwanted hairs. Where the subject of hairs arises, the term ingrown hair arises there too! Usually, the ratio of ingrown hairs on face is more concerned subject as compared to […]

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No spot on face.
Women are more fascinated with full face waxing, the reason is, It not only removes unwanted facial hairs but also eliminates the spot on the face to give you spotless face skin. Face waxing keeps face pimples at bay. Majorly women are falling for this trend just to look attractive. […]

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cold water shave
In 18th-century, shaving with hot water was time-guzzling. You have to stockpile tinder and woods, fire, then wait for the water to heat up. Unlike, cold water shave, Even if you run out of your gas, It is a quick and easy process that grant you few extra minutes. In […]

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Shaving with a Straight Razor
Benefits of shaving with a straight razor are minimal with great impact. With its incredible history, Straight Razor is one of the prominent Razor out in the market to get the real close shave in all seasons. Shaving with a Straight Razor requires a lot of patience and concentration followed by […]

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In women, eliminating hair from the pubes is a debatable subject. There are a lot of misconception with concern to wiping off the private part hairs in females. There is some sort of satisfaction of pubic hair shaving which can give you complete hygiene. At the end, it is personal preference. […]

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If you are into body waxing, a Brazilian wax is one of the most familiar words you might be heard. When someone overhears Brazilian wax, the first thing strike in their mind is the beautiful & energetic bright ambience of bright sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro with gorgeous bikini […]

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